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What is a Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP)?

• A CCIP is a comprehensive insurance program insuring Charles Pankow Builders, Ltd., and all eligible subcontractors (Eligible Parties) that are properly enrolled in the CCIP as evidenced by a certificate of insurance issued by the CCIP Program Manager.

What insurance is provided by the CCIP?
• Project –specific Workers’ Compensation for onsite operations
• Project-specific General Liability for covered onsite operations and including 10 years completed
• Project-specific Excess Liability for covered onsite operations and including 10 years completed operations

What insurance is NOT provided by the CCIP?
• Automobile Liability
• General Liability for offsite work
• Excess Liability for offsite work
• Professional Liability coverage
• Pollution Liability coverage
• Builders Risk / Property Insurance
• Contractor’s Equipment coverage
• Other insurance the subcontractor may deem necessary for its particular work

What are the benefits of a CCIP?
• Consistent coverage for all enrolled subcontractors
• Limits of liability - $75 million per occurrence and aggregate
• Consistent claims handling - all claims are reported and adjusted by one source
• Loss experience - aggressive and thorough investigation and claim settlement
• One united safety culture and specific safety plan that can positively influence participants’ experience
modifier because of fewer claims
• Substantially reduced litigation between insurance companies by working in joint defense of third-party

How do I report my payroll exposures each month?

Reporting your payroll exposures each month can be done by clicking on "Payroll" on the upper toolbar and selecting "Report Payroll."  The contract you're enrolled under will pull up and you should click on "Report Payroll" to display available class codes to report under.  You may enter your company's payrolls beginning on the first day of each month and the reporting window closes on the 15th day of each month.

The Payroll Report must include payroll and work hours for all employees performing work at the Jobsite including supervisors and clerical personnel, if applicable.   Payroll records will allocate payroll by workers compensation classification and exclude the excess or premium paid for overtime hours worked.  A payroll report must be provided even if no work was performed during the applicable month.  Should a revision be needed, class code unavailable, or have questions, please contact the Project Coordinator.

How does a Subcontractor enroll in the Program?

• Upon contract award and prior to beginning work at the Jobsite all eligible Subcontractors must send their name, company name, email address and phone number to the CCIP Administrator, Lorraine Garcia at insurance@pankow.com. She will send you instructions to complete enrollment at https://pankow.acig.com.
• Enrollment is necessary for both the subcontractor and it sub-subcontractors of Any Tier