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Pankow makes the process of enrolling your company in our Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP) simple over the internet so that you may begin working at the project site.  This section is designed to help answer questions about how to enroll and manage your insurance policies online. 

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Personal Profile Setup:

Before you can access the Pankow CCIP website, your CCIP Administrator will add you as a user. You will receive an email letting you know that you have been granted access as well as a separate email with a link to create your password. If you have not received an email letting you know you are a user, please contact your CCIP Administrator and request to be added to the site.

If you have been added as a user, but you do not have a password to login, you can request a new one by entering your email address on the Login screen and hitting the “Reset Password” button. Changing your password on the website will also change it for all sites managed by ACIG.

The next step is to confirm / complete your CCIP Enrollment Package.  Please take a couple of minutes to verify and correct the information under your Company Profile or input any missing information.  


CCIP Enrollment Package:   

There are two items that should be reviewed and completed to ensure full enrollment - your Company Profile and Contract Data.  When you have completed the company profile, select the contract number where you will be asked specific questions about your contract work.

(1) Company Profile:          You must confirm/complete the general information about your company and contacts.  Please take a moment to review and ensure the information is accurate.  If your contact information has changed, please update it now.  It is very important that you keep your profile updated in the event the CCIP Administrator or insurance carrier needs to send you important information.     

(2) Contract Information:    You will need to provide some basic details of your contract, such as contract amount, estimated payroll, estimated labor hours, and how much of your work is self-performed.  In addition, you will need to choose your workers compensation classification code ("class code") for your work performed on the site.  You will also have the opportunity to list any subcontractors you will be using on site.

The contract information can be edited by selecting "Contracts" located next to the Company Information Tab.  Select your contract number and update each required field.  If you do not enter all of your data at one time, you may save and "Edit" information before submitting for final approval.  

Submitting Enrollment (Workers Compensation Coverage)

When both the Company Profile and Contract forms are completed, you will submit the information to the CCIP Administrator for approval by selecting"Submit the information to the project coordinator for approval" under Available Actions 

You will receive a notification via email when the contract is approved, may access your Certificate of Insurance online and enter the job site.


Certificates of Insurance: 

The Certificate of Insurance may be viewed and downloaded by selecting "Companies" from the upper toolbar.  The certificates are available by selecting "Certificates" tab after your Company Profile and Contract Data have been approved by the project coordinator.  An email notification will be delivered when the Certificate of Insurance evidencing coverage is available on the website.                


Monthly Payroll Submissions (Workers Compensation Coverage):

If  workers' compensation coverage is provided, you will need to Log-on to the CCIP website each month to report payroll and manhour data for the prior month. Select "Payroll" from the toolbar and select "Report Payroll".  Reporting must be completed by midnight on the 14th of the following month.  If there was no work performed for the month, submit $0 to avoid continued email reminders.  If work has been completed, report as such.                                             



The Library section provides downloadable documents related to your participation in the CCIP. (i.e. Project Manuals, Workers Compensation policies, General Liability policies, Procedure Manuals)